Finding yourself between the lines: Kate Bollinger on change, connecting with the past and her upcoming album

Photo credits: Jonathan Roensch, CJ Harvey On the other side of the Atlantic, a velvet voice has been crawling into the hearts of indie and folk lovers for a while now: Virginia-raised musician Kate Bollinger keeps creating and flourishing. This year, she travelled all the way to Berlin and other cities to bring her soft-spoken […]

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Dancing to the sound of a heart breaking: Joesef on his debut album „Permanent Damage“

All pictures in the article by: Nathan Dunphy Bedroom-pop to new soul: Within the span of almost three years, Joesef moved swiftly from autodidactically creating at home to selling out big venues, while not even having an album out yet. That changes now with “Permanent Damage” on January 13th. On a grey day in November, […]

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Funky Indie-Pop aus Kalifornien: Karmic im Track by Track

Karmic, zu deutsch karmisch bzw. Karma, sind ein Quintett aus Los Angeles. Der Bandname passt wie die Faust aufs Auge: Das Karma zieht sich nämlich wie ein roter Faden durch die Entstehung vieler Songs (wir sagen nur Autobahn und nein, das ist kein Kraftwerk Cover…). Warum die Songs so klingen, wie sie klingen, das Album „Disco Submarine“ heißt und welche Anekdoten noch hinter dem Album stecken, geben sie uns im Track by Track preis.

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In conversation with Surf Curse: Coconut water, „Magic Hour“ as an ode to rock music and other obsessions

All pictures in the article: Julien Sage In my mind, Surf Curse were a classic independent band. Stemming from a teenage friendship, a couple of guys decided to pick up instruments on their own and evolved to be a fan favorite that is known well enough to play small, sweaty club shows. Perhaps that was […]

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Serotonin on a stage: girl in red plays secret show in Berlin

Last weekend girl in red announced out of the blue that she would perform in a small club in Kreuzberg – and that for free. The singer from Norway had released her long-awaited debut album earlier this year after starting her career from her bedroom in 2018. Largely influencing the visibility of queer people in […]

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