Funky Indie-Pop aus Kalifornien: Karmic im Track by Track

Foto: Jeff Payne

Karmic, zu deutsch karmisch bzw. Karma, sind ein Quintett aus Los Angeles. Der Bandname passt wie die Faust aufs Auge: Das Karma zieht sich nämlich wie ein roter Faden durch die Entstehung vieler Songs (wir sagen nur Autobahn und nein, das ist kein Kraftwerk Cover…). Warum die Songs so klingen, wie sie klingen, das Album „Disco Submarine“ heißt und welche Anekdoten noch hinter dem Album stecken, geben sie uns im Track by Track preis.

Album Theme: Disco Submarine

The theme for this whole album is about our journey throughout this process and all the levels we had to go through to finish it. It really felt like we were playing a video game which is funny because you can hear the sounds being inspired by that on the album.

We started writing these songs three years ago and finished them during the pandemic. It was a very emotional and dark time and we were all working in our studio only coming up for air when we needed a break. So David the drummer and producer had a vision while he was working on Fire Escape, of all of us in a submarine going on this crazy journey through sounds and melodies. Each song being its own level that we had to beat to get to the next one really felt like a video game and that’s how we came up with the name Disco Submarine.

Even though it was during difficult times, making this record really healed us in a huge way and helped get through it all. We all had so much fun working together and dancing in the studio that it really did feel like we were in a Disco Submarine.

So sieht das Cover zum Debütalbum der kalifornischen Pop-Formation aus

Track By Track

Fire Escape – We finished writing this song during the first lockdown in Los Angeles. During that time, we were surrounded by wildfires and smoke filled the air. The energy was already heavy, so these fires just made it even more intense. We felt like we needed to escape because we could barely breathe. Us all living together in one house while everyone was super emotional from all that was happening around us was also very hard. The feeling of wanting to escape this setting in our “Disco Submarine” informed the aesthetic of the song and ultimately inspired the concept for the album.

Moonbeams – is about deeply connecting with another human being and experiencing a powerful chemistry between two people’s energies. We started writing this song in Joshua Tree by tapping a beat on the kitchen table, and then we were off. We were very inspired by the nature of the desert and all four elements. The production matches the dreamy nights that we had sitting by the fire and looking up at the moon and stars. It sounds really intimate and at the same time eternal and ethereal, dancy and cozy, which is exactly how you feel when you’re staying in the desert.

Geometric – this song was inspired by women and how we are constantly changing shape so we can fully express and learn more about ourselves. After centuries of being taught to be quiet and act a certain way for society, women are finally being heard more and truly being themselves without any constrictions. This song is about that journey.

Dive Bar – is a lighthearted story about two people reconnecting and having a magical night out on the town together. We wanted to capture the nostalgic feeling of reconnecting with someone from your past and reminiscing about old times.

Mantra – Mantras are so powerful when you start to say them to yourself out loud. If you’re in a bad place or feel really low, they really do help. We know from experience, so we wanted to share that through this song.

Boomerang – is about the law of attraction. Whatever kind of energy you put out into the world, being positive or negative, you will get it right back. We wanted that to be the message because it’s so important to be aware of your thoughts towards yourself and others and how you treat people because if it’s negative you will get stuck in that cycle. Once you change your mindset, and give positive and kind energy to yourself and others, everything will start to change for the better.

Rely – this one is about being an independent individual who doesn’t have to rely on anyone but themselves. We think a lot of the time that we need people’s approval and don’t have the self confidence to create things on our own. It’s tempting to follow what everyone else is doing or to think how everyone else is thinking, so this song is about doing the opposite of that and finding the right balance for yourself. You can be unique and stand out but you must put in the effort to cultivate this.

Pufzi – Is about being with a toxic person for a while and not noticing how bad it is until you get out of that relationship. We think many people can relate to this, including us, so we wanted to share that in this song. The quirky dance party that ensues illustrates the “shaking off” of that toxic connection.

Naked – this song is all about being raw and vulnerable and about natural beauty, which in these social media times gets lost in all the filters and plastic surgery. We feel that too many people compare themselves to what they see on social media and in magazines. Naked is an appeal to everyone to embrace and appreciate their natural beauty and not hide behind the facades we put up in the world and online.

Autobahn – This song was inspired by our last European tour which was six months long. We played 70 shows and spent A LOT of time on the Autobahn! We drove 20,000 miles to be exact. We were at times literally living in our tour bus on the autobahn, so it was not surprising that this song came out of us for this album. It’s a quirky and fun homage to German 80’s electro music and the perfect soundtrack to kick off our tour.

LOL – (Quarantine Edition) – this song is about how love is really the only thing that can get you through the hard times. Love for your self and for the people that surround you. Quarantine was difficult for everyone and we only had each other for support and that’s how we survived.

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