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In conversation with Surf Curse: Coconut water, „Magic Hour“ as an ode to rock music and other obsessions

All pictures in the article: Julien Sage In my mind, Surf Curse were a classic independent band. Stemming from a teenage friendship, a couple of guys decided to pick up instruments on their own and evolved to be a fan favorite that is known well enough to play small, sweaty club shows. Perhaps that was […]

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Feng Suave im Interview: „Give up the meat, man!“

It seemed like the next stop on a trip to the past when Feng Suave put out their single Come Gather ‚Round this June. Now, a whole summer and an EP later, the Dutch psych-pop duo came to Berlin to play an intimate showcase. In a laid-back fashion, Daniël De Jong and Daniël Schoemaker managed […]

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Florence Arman, Out of the Blue, indie music, picky, pickymagazine

Florence Arman talking about her Debut-EP „Out of the Blue“

A few weeks ago we presented her and her debut EP „Out of the Blue“ to you. Florence Arman gave us intimate insights into her thoughts and feelings in seven beautiful songs. Now picky Malin has met the young artist to chat about what it’s like to release your first EP, why she decided to publish […]

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You’re such a pessimist – Interview with Greta Isaac

German version available here! Greta Isaac mixes pop music with serious topics in here new EP PESSIMIST. Picky Alyssia talked with her in an interview about her songs, about what it means to be a woman and why Greta’s Glas is half full right now. Who would have thought that interviews via Zoom would become […]

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Oxford Drama

„Oxford Drama is the place where we can be ourselves.“

German version available here! Oxford drama are Gosia and Martin. They just released their third album „What’s The Deal With Time?“. We are going to tell you who they are, why they won’t sing in polish and what U2 has to do with this in this interview!  Where are you from? Where did you grow […]

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